Acraplug is used for structural toppings
structural toppings, refurbishment of existing concreteacraplug concrete screed rail system


Acraplug is used for structural toppings, refurbishment of existing concrete and as a screed rail system for hollow core.

There are two sizes of Plug avilable: 

The small plug is used for toppings of 75mm or less.

The large plug is used for slab depths greater than 75mm.

The plugs are spaced at 1 meter intervals and drilled into the existing concrete. The small plug requires a 12mm hole and the large plug requires a 22mm hole.

Drilling lots of holes?

You need FrankinDrill, developed by Acra Screed for the Acraplug system.
Frankindrill gives you that essential extra pair of hands, taking care of vibration problems, increasing productivity and generally making life a whole lot easier. 

FrankinDrill will be launched at this years Intermat - World of Concrete Exhibition in Paris at the end of April. 

Please contact us for further details or ( view Frankindrill )

The rail supports are available in various lengths and in the majority of cases there is 50 millimetres of adjustment - 25mm either side of datum.

The rail supports are available in 2 types; the single rail support (used to hold a single rail), and the double rail support (used to hold the end of each rail where one rail ends and the next rail begins) - A standard rail is 6 meters long.

We work with three different sized rails for the top of the Screed Rail: 50x8mm, 40x8mm and 30x12mm (for shallow top cover) all of which come in 6 meter lengths but can easily be cut to suit if required. The rails are taken out of the concrete after it has been levelled, this allows them to be reused in other concrete pours.


Setting-up the Acraplug

Acraplug Screeding System
Start by drilling a hole
Acraplug Screeding System
Clear away debris
Acraplug Screeding System
Tap the plug down fully
Acraplug Screeding System

Insert the Rail Support and adjust using the Speed Adjuster, after which the screed rail is ready to be inserted, completing the set up.

Acraplug Spec Sheet

Setting up Acra Screed

Setting up Acra Screed
The Double Rail Support is used for where two rails lap
Acraplug Screeding System

Acra Screed Concrete Screed Rail Systems Help Videos
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