Screeding System Bolt Cracker

Screeding System

ACRA SCREED - bolt cracker

Free Movement of Holding Down Bolts

The Acra Screed Bolt Cracker was designed by the man on the job.

This simple yet effective device means that you will never have the problem of trapped bolts again and guarantees full bolt movement inside the cone.

Boltcracker - Takes away the headache of trapped bolts for the concrete crew and those that follow them.

The Boltcracker is easily attached to the head of the holding down bolt by simply clicking it into place. The Bolt box can now be positioned into into the slab work as normal.

Bolt Cracker works by forming a small void around the Bolt head maintaining rotational movement even when the concrete has set.

Avilable in two sizes to suit 20mm and 24mm Bolt diameters.

Bolt cracker is sold in packs of 100.

Engineers Report For Bolt Cracker
Engineers Report For Bolt Cracker
Screeding System

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